MAN17E-Use Warehouse Management for Manufacturing


The objectives of this module are to review the interaction between manufacturing and warehouse reservations, review setup of item model groups to utilize manufacturing and warehousing and discuss the rules related to the reservation of items using both process manufacturing and warehousing.


  • Introduction
  • Prepare warehouse management for manufacturing
  • Use warehouse management for manufacturing
  • Module summary

Understand production waves

  • Create wave templates for production orders
  • Direct raw material route operations
  • Review of how to configure and use mobile devices with process production
  • Reserve raw materials
  • Release production orders
  • Process a production pick
  • Process a production report as finished
  • Set up for batch orders
  • Process batch orders
  • Review batch orders with potency
  • Review batch orders with co-products and by-products
  • Work with locations for finished goods
  • Input locations for resource consumption

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