MAN09E-Configure Lean Manufacturing


This topic explains how to configure Lean manufacturing in Finance and Operations.

A Lean manufacturing scenario is usually more than an accumulation of unrelated Kanban rules or material-supply policies. The flow of material and products throughout work cells and locations for a specific production or supply scenario can be described as a sequence or small network of process or transfer activities, called a production flow.

The activity-based production flows are introduced in Finance and Operations to establish a production and cost context for various Kanban scenarios. All Kanban rules are directly connected to this pre-defined structure.

The activity-based model allows users to set up a wider range of scenarios than supported by previous versions of Lean manufacturing for Finance and Operations, without adding complexity for the shop floor workers because all scenarios use the same activity-based user interface.


  • Introduction
  • Configure parameters
  • Create value streams and production flow models
  • Create production flows
  • Practice Labs
  • Module summary

Configure parameters

  • Configure value streams
  • Create Production Flows
  • Configure lean manufacturing work cells

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