MAN07E-Get Started with Product Configuration


Product configuration is a constraint-based product configuration tool that uses the Microsoft Solver Foundation (MSF) product technology that is designed for modeling and constraint solving.

You can use product configuration to create and maintain product configuration models, and to reuse components and attribute types. Attributes, constraints, subcomponents, user requirements, Bill of Material (BOM) lines, and route operations are implicitly reused when you reuse a component. Components can also reuse table constraint definitions.

This module explains how to get started with product configurator in Finance and Operations.


  • Introduction
  • Understand the product configuration model
  • Build a product configuration model
  • Practice Labs
  • Module summary

The terminology that is important for understanding the concepts and processes

  • Product configuration end-to-end scenario
  • The different areas that span the product configuration process
  • The product configuration model
  • How to build a product configuration model

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